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 +====== Business Functions in Context Study Notes ======
 +These are some of my notes from studying B203 (Business Functions in Context) with the Open University in 2014-15. These are just the bits I want to be sure to remember for the exam, don't rely on them to be comprehensive or anything, I don't tend to make notes about stuff I already know.  ​
 +  * [[:​study:​B203:​operations:​start]]
 +  * [[:​study:​B203:​marketing:​start]]
 +  * [[:​study:​B203:​finance:​start]]
 +  * [[:​study:​B203:​HR:​start]]
 +  * [[:​study:​B203:​info-mgt:​start]]
 +  * [[:​studgy:​B203:​exam:​start]]
 +^  [[:​study:​B203:​start|B203 Notes]] ​ ^  [[:​study:​start|Study Notes]] ​ ^  [[http://​www.themself.org/​]] ​ ^  [[:​start|Home]] ​ ^
 +{{tag>​B203 study}}
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